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1 Do federal employees/military personnel receive a discount on registration?
2 I am a civilian who works for a branch of the military and/or the federal service. Do I also receive the military/federal service discount?
3 How do I qualify for the military/federal registration rate?
4 I currently work for the federal government but not for one or more of the listed qualifying agencies. Am I still able to get the military/federal registration rate?
5 My command center/employer needs a letter confirming the full cost of registration. How do I get one?
6 I want to attend in-person. Are meals included with my registration?
7 Does my registration include any course materials/workbooks?
8 If I register for the On-Demand Only option, am I able to get a print copy of the workbook?
9 There are multiple people from my company/employer who will be attending Boot Camp. Do we receive an additional discount for bringing multiple people?
10 Do I make payment first or register first?
11 How do I register?
12 Do I need to register with my military/government email address?
13 Does OSAP reserve seats ahead of time for federal employees/military personnel?
14 Am I able to register multiple people at the same time?
15 Am I able to complete the registration form on behalf of a participant?
16 Am I required to be in uniform for Boot Camp?
17 Do I make payment with my government travel card, or is my command center/employer taking care of the payment?